The Importantance of having an Email List For Your Business

Importance of email list for business

Have you ever wondered why it is important to have an Email list for your business?

Look at these two scenarios:

Scenario A:

Mr. Abu, the CEO of ABC Company wants to launch a new product. Mr. Abu knows his market audience; middle-aged adults who live in highbrow areas. They are probably retired professionals.

Mr. Abu knows the statistics of his market well. The only challenge is this: “How does he get to his market audience in the shortest time possible? And how is he so sure they will buy?”

Take a look at scenario B

Scenario B:

Ms. Helen is the CEO of XYZ Company. Her goal is to sell her drugs and health products. She runs an email marketing campaign. How does she do this? She gets a website and gets organic emails of people interested in her business through an email capture form on her website.

She is able to do this by running Google Ads and social media ads. Also, implemented SEO on her website so that she can rank for important keywords relating to her business on Google.

She is able to get about 300 emails in the course of 3 months. She nurtures her email list by consistently giving them highly educative tips and quality newsletters on how to take care of their health and live healthy lives.

Now, she has a major product she wants to launch! She sends just one email to her nurtured email list telling them of this product.

Comparing Scenarios A and B, who do you think gets more sales at the instant of their product launches? Of course, Ms. Helen of XYZ pharmaceutical company.

Statistically, it has been shown that an email has a far greater reach than social media.

If you are not building an Email list for your business, you are making a HUGE mistake.

When someone gives you their email address, they have given you permission to talk directly to them.

A very important fact to note is this:

“It is wrong to buy an email list as it causes more harm than good to your business.”

Here’s the reason why:

Nobody likes getting spam emails especially spam emails from people we have not given the permission to email them. This leads to a high unsubscribe rate from your list. So, it’s important you grow your list organically. It is worth all the stress.

77% of consumers prefer email over social media for permission-based promotional messages. 

Importance of an Email List

Having an email list gives you 100% control over who sees your message. Social media is still good, but with the constant changing algorithms by all the platform providers, you do not have total control over who sees your posts.

Also, email is where business takes place. Email is for serious matters and important communication receipts, airline tickets, verification, password recovery, personal messages, and business communications all take place via email.

Do you now agree that it is important to have a mailing list as it is a very effective tool at driving sales?


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